Heart Center

The Children's Health Heart Center is growing! We are hiring Registered Nurses and Advanced Practice Practitioners for our Cardiac ICU, as well as Sonographers for our Echo Lab.  

The Heart Center at Children’s Health provides expert diagnosis and effective treatment for the full spectrum of pediatric heart conditions. From cardiac anomalies and fetal diagnoses to life-saving surgical or catheterization interventions, our team of pediatric cardiologists and subspecialists are pioneering the latest innovations in pediatric cardiac care.

Watch the videos below to learn about our Heart Center's history and programs.  

30 Years of Heart Transplants When the Heart Center performed its first heart transplant on April 13, 1988, the procedure was still relatively new in children and not widely available.  Since then, the Heart Center has performed more
​​​​​​​than 275 transplants.
Cardiac Intensive Care Unit Every day, we treat children who are managing
​​​​​​​ serious heart conditions in our CICU. See how the CICU team becomes the difference for Heart Center patients and their families.
Working at the Heart Center Hear what team members love about their work
and their team at the Heart Center. 
Four Heart Transplants, Seven Days In just one amazing week, our Heart Center gave four children a new lease on life with heart transplants. 
Casey's Story Our patient Casey's freshman year in high school
was interrupted when she had a heart attack. Now
​​​​​​​she has a new heart and big plans for the future.
Heart Failure Program As the only Pediatric transplant and ventricular
assist device (VAD) program in North Texas, our
Heart Failure Program team is turning heart failure
​​​​​​​into heart function.