Diversity & inclusion: our guiding principles and our journey 

Guiding Principle #1​​​​​​​
We listen to, invite and respect the beliefs, identities and experiences of our patients to deliver culturally sensitive care.
In support of this principle, we aim to:
  • Increase and diversify family representation on boards, committees, advisory groups 

  • Actively invite families to share stories that promote knowledge and sensitivity toward others

  • Collect accurate (REaL) information and set goals to reduce health care disparity

Guiding Principle #2
We embrace vulnerable populations in the community through meaningful partnerships and mission-focused initiatives.

In support of this principle, we aim to:

  • Deepen community partnerships

  • Introduce opportunities for mentoring and scholarships

  • Diversify donor relationships ​​​​​​​
  • Diversify supplier and vendor relationships
Guiding Principle #3​​​​​​​
We equip and develop our team members to support an inclusive environment in which we all have the opportunity to contribute.
In support of this principle, we aim to:
  • Strengthen communication skills and respectful interactions across teams and the patient care continuum
  • Prioritize inclusion within all talent management systems
  • Set inclusion targets for leadership program participation
  • Support and guide employee work groups
Guiding Principle #4
We recruit and build talented, diverse teams that reflect the backgrounds, traditions and experiences of the communities we serve.
In support of this principle, we aim to:
  • Introduce job placement programs for vulnerable groups, such as veterans and adults with special abilities
  • Form networking partnerships to diversify our talent pipeline
  • Enable hiring managers to foster and leverage the benefits of an inclusive workforce; the value proposition of a diverse team

Our D&I journey 

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