Sr Social Media Specialist Job

Children's Health - Public Relations and Communications Careers

Job Number: 51723

Location: Dallas, TX

Date Posted: 5-22-2017


Children’s Health is seeking a Senior Social Media Specialist who can implement social media strategy to support our Children’s Health brand as well as build strong online communities through our various social media platforms. This position is responsible for developing and administering social media content designed to engage users and create interactive relationships between our social communities and Children’s Health services and locations. This position also will collect and review social media data to develop ongoing effective campaigns.

Day-to-day activities include managing all aspect of a content calendar, such as writing social media posts, choosing imagery, timing and scheduling, response engagement and scanning for potential opportunities and issues. Content creation will derive from collaboration with our brands and hospital departments that inform our content strategy and how we message effectively to consumers through social media. Responsibilities include daily monitoring of social media accounts owned by Children’s Health and offer constructive interaction with our audiences. This person should have a good knowledge of the major social media platforms, online listening software and paid-supported social back-ends, like Facebook Business Manager.

Ongoing responsibilities include developing monthly reports on emerging social media trends that will be submitted to the management and executive teams. Analyze the long-term needs of the Children’s Health social media strategy and offer quarterly reports and consistent insight to inform marketing and communications management and executive teams. Reporting also includes recommendations for any necessary adjustments for better engagement and CTAs with the digital marketing plan and social media playbooks. This would include point of views around new and emerging social platforms that drive engagement and audience to the Children’s Health Brand.

We’re seeking applicants with a bachelor’s degree, 5 years of related experience and 3 years of social media/community management experience with proven results for brands. Also a strong knowledge of creative applications like Adobe Creative, Canva and MS Office are also suggested.

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