Medical Assistant/ Specialty IV Clinic/ Plano Job

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Job Number: 54298

Location: Plano, TX

Date Posted: 5-27-2018


Position Summary - Specialty IV Clinic - Plano

Day Shift 8a-5p

The purpose of this position is to perform various outpatient care duties and prepare patients for examinations/procedures. Incumbents document patient information in a medical record and will assist provider/nurse practitioner as needed. This position also orders medical supplies and may also perform certain laboratory duties. Incumbents recognize patient situations and patient questions/concerns which require escalation to the appropriate medical professional.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Applies basic technical skills and knowledge of operational processes to perform straightforward and routine activities
  • Understands how the assigned duties integrate with others in the team
  • Depends on direct supervision to accomplish assigned tasks; accountable for developing own self to enhance contribution
  • Uses standard operating procedures to guide own work and solve standard problems; escalates unfamiliar or difficult problems to a more experienced colleagues
  • Responsible for the accuracy of own work
  • Works within clearly defined standard operating procedures or methods and adheres to established quality guidelines
  • Recognizes opportunities to provide good customer service and demonstrates courtesy in all interactions; effectively exchanges straightforward information
  • Prepare patient for examination and treatment; gather patient data regarding condition; takes vital signs such as blood pressure, temperature, respiration, height and weight and documents this information in the medical record.
  • May perform point of care testing as required for their position.
  • Obtains blood specimens from patients through venipuncture and capillary collection; obtains urine specimens from patients; receives and labels specimens from patients and verifies patient's information and transfers that information to specimen container. Facilitates transport of specimens.
  • Prepares clinic area by stocking rooms with appropriate medical supplies; disposes of medical waste and cleans and maintains laboratory and examination room equipment.
  • Prepares for procedures up to and including: gathering needed supplies, arranging sterile instruments on tray and assisting provider with procedure.
  • May provide patients and families prewritten instructions as directed by the provider.
  • May perform some advanced tasks pursuant to physician delegation and completed education. Limited to: eye drops (Ophthalmology), and topical anesthetic (such as EMLA).
  • Schedules referral appointments for patients; may assist with admission activities and processing of required documentation
  • May assist with front office duties such as scheduling appointments, answering telephones, and arranging transportation for patients.
  • May complete government documents and DME forms that do not require assessment or clinical judgment.
  • May perform data gathering for prescription refills, pursuant to physician delegation. Limited to: removal of refill request from Voicemail, verifying current prescription in EMR, and forwarding refill message to physician using EMR. Refills may not be communicated to pharmacy by the medical assistant.
  • May perform other duties and special projects as required.



  • High school diploma or equivalent, required


  • One year of experience as an MA in a patient care setting - preferred
  • Completion of MA program or equivalent experience - required


  • BLS/CPR certification within 60 days of hire and renewed bi-annually, required
  • In Psychiatry and Autism
    Center, Initial Pediatric Prevention and Management of Aggressive Behaviors (PPMAB) training must be completed within 60 days of hire and renewed annually, required
  • Completion of Early Recognition of Emergency Class with 90 days of hire and annually, required
  • MA certification acquired through an accredited program, preferred.

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