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Job Number: 53288

Location: Dallas, TX

Date Posted: 1-22-2018



The Materials Procurement Specialist II is a valued position for the Procurement Team of Engineering at Children's Health Systems of Texas (CHST). This individual will contribute to all aspects of the rapid flowing Procurement Program, which applies to Dallas & forty-eight off-site campuses. As a team player, it is the shared responsibility of the Procurement Specialists to cost-effectively maintain the inventory of Engineering to ensure, that the department has the appropriate supplies, tools, parts, and equipment needed to create a safe and functioning environment for patients and staff. This specialist is also responsible for maintaining detailed records of what has been distributed to all Engineering personnel, to monitor the frequency of use for accountability, and inventory replenishment. Furthermore, The Materials Procurement Specialist must also simultaneously monitor the multi-million dollar engineering materials budget, making certain that all Purchase Orders for materials & outside services are properly processed, paid and closed; while maintaining detailed records of all expenses for creating monthly reports.


The following describes the basic position duties that an employee MUST be able to perform for this role. This information is intended to be descriptive of the key responsibilities of the position. The list of essential functions below DOES NOT identify all duties performed by any single person in the position.

Has developed skills needed to perform a range of day-to-day activities

Understands how the assigned duties relate to others in the team and has a basic understanding of how the team integrates with others

Manages own workload by applying an understanding of team priorities; may provide assistance to less experienced colleagues

Recognizes and solves typical problems that can occur in own work area; evaluates and selects solutions from established options

Impacts own work by completing tasks that have quantitative and qualitative performance dimensions

Exchanges straightforward information in routine situations


Maintaining Inventory: The primary responsibility of the Procurement Team is to ensure that Engineering has the parts, supplies, tools, and equipment needed to keep Children’s Hospital facilities operating at safe capacities. The Materials Procurement Specialist II must be familiar with the on-hand inventory, identifying high frequency moving items, and the keeping of appropriate stock levels maintained. The equipment and supply area must be kept organized, labeled, and sectioned to accommodate each division within the department, so that parts and supplies can be found easily and quickly. These departmental divisions include Electricians, Plant Operators, Painters, Lock Smiths, and Maintenance Mechanics; for the main campus, and 48 offsite locations.

Maintaining Tools and Equipment: The Procurement Specialist II must contribute to maintaining the tools and equipment for Engineering. Tools and equipment that are used for check out & return need to be inventoried and checked weekly, to ensure that they are functioning safely for use; this is for any possible emergency that may occur. This individual must make sure that Tools loaned out to employees are returned in a timely manner, and in good condition. When issued tools become damaged or lost, (discuss with supervisors as needed) replacement tools must also be kept on-hand at all times to allow operations to continue seamlessly without delay. Damaged or lost equipment must be repaired or replaced as soon as possible. For tools that are permanently assigned to an Engineering employee at the time of hire, the Procurement Specialist must ensure that they are documented and returned upon the day the employee is no longer with the company.

Research: A major responsibility of this position is reviewing all purchases to ensure that specific standards are met for product quality, price, availability, and lead times for delivery. The procurement Specialist II must thoroughly research all parts, supplies, tools, and outside services that are needed, to guarantee good quality that is also cost effective. This involves contacting manufactures, and appropriate vendors to determine which ones have the most cost effective pricing, with the most suitable E.T.A. It is essential for the Procurement Specialist to be familiar with our main vendors, their products, and the dependability of their service. This person must utilize good communication with the requesting Engineers to gain a full understanding of all parts being requested to order, what they are needed for, why they are needed, and determining which parts will be needed again. This type of research is important for building the inventory, and reducing the possibility of errors that lead to return procedures. The Procurement Specialists will utilize their researching for comparing bids, and will know if they are comparing apples to apples, or not.

Placing Orders: After proper research, before an order can be placed, it is the Procurement Specialist II’s responsibility to make certain that an order has been approved by the requestor’s Supervisor/Manager, and the Engineering director. To place the order, this Specialist will need to be familiar with the Lawson ordering system to submit requisitions, and become and expert at navigating the program. This individual will need to be familiar with Children’s expense codes, so that the correct Engineering budgets for the accounting companies and accounting locations are being used. It is also important for this Specialist to become familiar with Children’s Buyers within the Supply Chain, to know which person is the right person for communicating special orders, and stat orders. For stat orders, the Procurement Specialist must make all of the proper phone calls, and emails to both buyers and vendors, bringing attention the high priority to everyone that may be involved. This individual must know that communication (with Departmental Managers, Supervisors, support personnel, vendors, and the supply chain) is vital when placing these types of orders. All Requisitions that are placed in Lawson, must be entered in the Procurement expense database for tracking the order, and monitoring the Engineering budget.

Tracking Orders & Shipments: The Materials Procurement Specialist II must constantly track all orders that been placed to ensure that they are being processes smoothly. This involves having good communication with the buyers and vendors, confirming when vendors have received Purchase Orders, and ensuring that all orders are moving forward. This helps establish and an accurate E.T.A. If orders become delayed, it is important that the Procurement Specialist II communicate with the requesting employee, giving them status updates as they develop until the item is received. .

Receiving Shipments: It is imperative that the Procurement Specialist II thoroughly count and check-off all supplies that are received at the dock. Any discrepancy found, must be immediately communicated with the Receiving team before the shipment leaves dock. If the discrepancy is on the vendor packing list, this individual must call the vendor as soon as possible to have the issue corrected. After an order is fully received, the Procurement Specialist must update the Procurement database

"Monitor the Engineering Expense Budget: One of the main tasks of the Materials Procurement Specialist II is to monitor the multi-million dollar engineering materials budget. All orders that are placed must be entered in the Engineering procurement expense database, recording all expenses, shipping costs, & return-credits. This person must be able to pull & generate any detailed expense report that the Engineering Director may ask, concerning any requisition or random invoice that he may come across. This is where the Procurement Specialist must be very familiar with Lawson system, knowing the proper accounting codes to use while investigating unknown invoices, for discovering where they may have originated.

For all orders that have been received, this specialist must monitor all open Engineering purchase orders until they are paid and closed (utilizing the Procurement database and Lawson system). This involves following through with vendors to ensure that invoices are sent, referencing the correct purchase order, and making certain they match the original quoted prices. Any discrepancy with pricing must be communicated with the correct accountant from accounts payable, and the vender to ensure that it gets corrected. The Procurement Specialist must make certain that the invoices are paid within 30 days, and that Purchase Orders close. For purchase orders that remain open, or unpaid after the 30 day time period, it is the responsibility of the Specialist to investigate, find out why, and figure out what needs to happen to get them closed. The Expense Budget must constantly be monitored & the expense database updated, for monthly expense reports for the Director of Engineering

Processing Returns: When the wrong parts are received and must be returned, the Procurement Specialist must immediately get in touch with the receiving dock, vendor, and buyer to correct the issue. The cause must be identified, and if the item can be returned, this person must ensure that a return credit is issued, and sent to accounts payable. Then it is the responsibility of this Specialist to update the Engineering expense database, recording the occurrence.

Issuing Parts, and Supplies: The Procurement Specialist will be involved in the controlled distribution of materials for all the Engineering staff at the Main Campus and the 48 off-site campuses. This responsibility entails permanent issuing of parts, and supplies, and making certain that the Engineering personnel is familiar the materials sign-out procedures. All parts and supplies leaving the Engineering Parts room must be signed-out when taken. This allows the Procurement team to monitor the frequency of parts being used for accountability, and inventory replenishment.

Vendors & Vendrmate: This individual must establish and update an approved vendor database, renewing contracts and MSA's as needed. Identify and source new suppliers and vendors as needed; obtaining the proper service agreements and contracts. Manage vendor and supplier selection process based on price, quality, support, capacity, and reliability. Continually monitor supplier and vendor compliance with contractual agreements.

Keeping Organized files: The Materials Procurement Specialist must maintain organized files showing vendor order histories, and research for parts and supplies. Vendor files must show the history of all orders placed from beginning to end. Requisitions are printed, stapled to delivery documents and invoices before they are filed. Files must be arranged alphabetically and chronologically by name, vendor, and date. The files will be kept for 3 years before being cycled out.This person must also keep organized files for extensive research of parts and supplies, so that the procurement team will always be able to reference them in the future.


Minimum 5 years of job related experience Required


High school diploma or equivalent required; additional training beyond high school Required

Four-year Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience Preferred


CPM/CPSM Certification Preferred

DAU Purchasing Level One or Two Preferred

Specific Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Maintain effectiveness when experiencing major changes in work responsibilities or environment; adjust effectively to work within new work structures, processes, requirements, or cultures.

Use appropriate interpersonal styles to establish effective relationships with customers and internal partners; interact with others in a way that promotes openness and trust and gives them confidence in one's intentions.

Meet patient and patient family needs; take responsibility for a patient's safety, satisfaction, and clinical outcomes; use appropriate interpersonal techniques to resolve difficult patient situations and regain patient confidence.

Ensure that the customer perspective is a driving force behind business decisions and activities; craft and implement service practices that meet customers' and own organization's needs.

Develop and use collaborative relationships to facilitate the accomplishment of work goals.

Identify and understand issues, problems, and opportunities; compare data from different sources to draw conclusions; use effective approaches for choosing a course of action or developing appropriate solutions; take action that is consistent with available facts, constraints, and probable consequences.

Take prompt action to accomplish objectives; take action to achieve goals beyond what is required; be proactive.

Deal effectively with others in an antagonistic situation; use appropriate interpersonal styles and methods to reduce tension or conflict between two or more people.

Effectively manage one's time and resources to ensure that work is completed efficiently.

Accomplish tasks by considering all areas involved, no matter how small; showing concern for all aspects of the job; accurately checking processes and tasks; being watchful over a period of time.

Set high standards of performance for self and others; assume responsibility and accountability for successfully completing assignments or tasks; self-impose standards of excellence rather than having standards imposed.

Assimilate and apply new job-related information in a timely manner.

Clearly convey information and ideas through a variety of media to individuals or groups in a manner that engages the audience and helps them understand and retain the message.


Heavy - Exerting 60-100 lbs. occasionally, 25-60 lbs. frequently, or up to 10-20 constantly.

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