Maintenance Mechanic Job

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Job Number: 53613

Location: Dallas, TX

Date Posted: 4-8-2018



Reads, understands and interprets blueprints, drawings, floor plans, schedules and manufacturers operating and/or maintenance specifications as they relate to electrical, mechanical, plumbing, HVAC and special equipment, building structures and finishes. Performs minor routine and preventive maintenance to include operating, cleaning, inspecting, adjusting, tightening, replacing, lubricating, reporting problems, etc., on electrical and mechanical equipment, plumbing systems and fixtures, and building structures and furnishings. May be called upon to assist other maintenance personnel in the completion of their work to include Electricians, HVAC Mechanics, Plumbers, Carpenters, Masons, Painters, Sheet Metal workers, etc. Responds to request for service from building occupants to include emergencies, hot and cold calls, lighting problems, plumbing problems, minor installations, repairs, adjustments, etc. Performs electrical, plumbing and HVAC tasks up to and including to following: troubleshoot/replace switches, receptacles and ballasts. Plunge toilets, remove P-traps and use snake machines. Adjust door closures and door hardware. Change ceiling tiles, repair sheetrock, replace carpet/tile, and other general maintenance as assigned


The following describes the basic position duties that an employee MUST be able to perform for this role. This information is intended to be descriptive of the key responsibilities of the position. The list of essential functions below DOES NOT identify all duties performed by any single person in the position.

Has developed proficiency in a wide range of processes or procedures to carry out assigned tasks

Has a good understanding of how the team integrates with others and may allocate work within a shift

Regularly provides guidance and support to more junior team members on challenging technical problems; may check others' work

Solves problems in situations that are atypical or occur infrequently based on existing precedents or procedures

Impacts the work of the team by completing and providing assistance on tasks that have quantitative and qualitative performance dimensions

Clearly and accurately exchanges moderately complex information


Maintain, inspect and/or test hospital plan equipment and life/safety and casualty prevention systems such as fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, fire doors and dampers, sprinkler system, panic hardware, medical gas systems, and hospital beds, carts, stretchers, wheel chairs, exam tables, operating tables, etc.

Perform inspections, minor repairs and replacements on room or space Heating Ventilation and Air conditioning (HVAC) equipment such as cabinet or unit ventilators (to include filters, hot and chilled water coils, belts cabinets and drains, damper, motors frills, fans, etc.), unit heaters exhaust fans induction and radiation units, room or space thermostats, supply and return grills and plenums, missing boxes, terminal reheat units, variable air volume, units, etc. Assist Plant Operators with their duties and responsibilities

Perform inspections, maintenance, minor repairs, and replacements on electrical equipment of 277 volts or less, such as incandescent and florescent lighting systems, electrical receptacles, switches, battery powered lights (emergency) and equipment, exit lights and directional sig\ns, small electric motors, electrical appliances, powered housekeeping equipment hand dryers, etc. Assists Electricians with their duties and responsibilities.

Perform inspections, minor repairs and replacements on building structures and furnishings such as ceiling tiles, wallboard, plastered walls, resilient floor tiles, carpeting, lighting systems, painted surfaces, wall coverings, internal and external doors and door hardware, ceramic tile walls and floors, windows and window glazing room furnishings, blinds, drapery, hardware, wall mounted fixtures and dispensers and other similar equipment. Perform the duties and responsibilities support other positions within Engineering as skills and experiences permit

React to emergencies and serve as a one-person department during evenings and weekends.

Repair and maintain hospital electromechanical equipment, i.e., refrigerators, sterilizers, ice machines, kitchen appliances, range / stove / cookers, electric beds, carts / tables / poles, hanging fixtures, light fixtures and plumbing systems.

Repair and maintain automatic doors and locks.

Assist in the repair and maintenance of complex systems including normal and emergency electrical power systems, fire alarm and sprinkler systems, nurse-call, pneumatic systems, etc.

Perform maintenance on minor electrical equipment, lamps and fixtures.

Inspect patient and public areas around the hospital for environmental safety.

Accomplish and document preventive maintenance.

Assemble and install new furniture, fixtures and equipment.

Order stock and maintain repair parts inventory. Perform other related duties and special projects as required.


2-3 years related experience required

3-4 years related experience preferred


High school diploma or equivalent Required


High school diploma required

Completion of accredited post-secondary vocational or technical school in related field preferred

Specific Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Maintain effectiveness when experiencing major changes in work responsibilities or environment; adjust effectively to work within new work structures, processes, requirements, or cultures.

Use appropriate interpersonal styles to establish effective relationships with customers and internal partners; interact with others in a way that promotes openness and trust and gives them confidence in one's intentions.

Meet patient and patient family needs; take responsibility for a patient's safety, satisfaction, and clinical outcomes; use appropriate interpersonal techniques to resolve difficult patient situations and regain patient confidence.

Ensure that the customer perspective is a driving force behind business decisions and activities; craft and implement service practices that meet customers' and own organization's needs.

Develop and use collaborative relationships to facilitate the accomplishment of work goals.

Identify and understand issues, problems, and opportunities; compare data from different sources to draw conclusions; use effective approaches for choosing a course of action or developing appropriate solutions; take action that is consistent with available facts, constraints, and probable consequences.

Take prompt action to accomplish objectives; take action to achieve goals beyond what is required; be proactive.

Deal effectively with others in an antagonistic situation; use appropriate interpersonal styles and methods to reduce tension or conflict between two or more people.

Effectively manage one's time and resources to ensure that work is completed efficiently.

Accomplish tasks by considering all areas involved, no matter how small; showing concern for all aspects of the job; accurately checking processes and tasks; being watchful over a period of time.

Set high standards of performance for self and others; assume responsibility and accountability for successfully completing assignments or tasks; self impose standards of excellence rather than having standards imposed.

Assimilate and apply new job-related information in a timely manner.

Clearly convey information and ideas through a variety of media to individuals or groups in a manner that engages the audience and helps them understand and retain the message.


Heavy - Exerting 60-100 lbs. occasionally, 25-60 lbs. frequently, or up to 10-20 constantly.

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