Central Sterile Tech Job

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Job Number: 54210

Location: Dallas, TX

Date Posted: 5-30-2018


Central Sterile Processing Tech

Position Summary

Responsible for maintaining the cleanliness, sterilization, and functioning of equipment and instrumentation. Work Schedule: fulltime Monday - Friday 2:30-11pm

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Demonstrates acceptance of personal/professional accountability/responsibility.

  • Responsible for decontamination and cleaning of all equipment and instrumentation; ensures cleanliness and sterility of all instruments.
  • Evaluates functioning of equipment; reports malfunction of equipment and instrumentation and follows through to insure appropriate repairs are complete and maintenance performed.
  • Accurately assembles instruments sets based on established count sheets; effectively uses materials and supplies to assemble instrument sets and minimize waste.
  • Appropriately prepares and packages single instrument items.
  • Differentiates items that require steam versus gas sterilization.
  • Stores, delivers, and manages sterile supplies using aseptic technique.
  • Responsible for maintaining a safe environment and work habits.
  • Performs sterilization process duties independently; operates and troubleshoots sterilization equipment.
  • Performs messenger duties as department needs require.
  • Maintains awareness and makes appropriate recommendations of possible process modifications that would enhance department efficiency.

Promotes efficient use of materials and financial resources.

  • Assists in maintenance and inventory of equipment.
  • Establishes appropriate priority to multiple demands and requests.
  • Initiates contact with repair persons to ensure that correction of equipment malfunction is completed in a timely manner.
  • Participates in new equipment evaluation with vendors and other hospital employees.
  • Remains flexible to change shifts as needed; uses time effectively so as to eliminate unnecessary overtime hours.
  • Uses equipment and instrumentation properly to prevent damage.

Contributes to the support of the hospital mission, vision and goals.

  • Actively participates in departmental quality assurance and quality improvement activities.
  • Utilizes results from quality improvement data to improve practice.
  • Utilizes conflict management skills as appropriate.



  • High school diploma or equivalent.

Licenses & certifications

Central Sterile Processing Certification


  • One to two years Central Sterile Processing experience preferred, or Central Sterile Processing training.

Specific knowledge, skills, and abilities

  • Basic understanding and knowledge of Central Sterile Processing instrumentation, sterilization processes, and DME.
  • Strong verbal skills.
  • Physically capable of transporting supplies and equipment and able to lift up to 50 pounds, and to push or pull up to 80 pounds regularly and, on occasion, up to 100 pounds.
  • Ability to read, write, and speak English.
  • Must have basic computer skills and keyboard training.

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